Crociere Caraibi alle Grenadine

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New Year 2017 in the Caribbean

From the 26th of December to the 7th of January 2017

For a special New Year’s eve abandon the typical Christmas atmosphere made of snow and cold and join us in the Caribbean!

You’ll be surrounded by nothing less than dances on white beaches with huge palm trees adorned with Latin American rhythms in the background, fresh fruit cocktails, a magnificent tropical climate and at midnight the unique excitement of being able to celebrate with a dip in the Caribbean sea!!

This is just a hint of what you’ll experience if you decide to dedicate some of your time to spend a relaxing holiday on board of Venus!

We’ll cruise in sailors favorites seas pushed by the trade winds in a pleasant tropical climate.

We’ll swim in crystal clear waters in company of sea turtles, colorful fish and coral reefs to explore.

These islands offer us everything we need to make our holiday complete on 360 ​​°: a real mix of fun, relaxation, sun, flora and fauna and rich local traditions lie ahead….

We look forward to going there and you? (more…)

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