The Skipper Riccardo:

I’ve always had a special relationship with nature, I was the kind of child who devoured books about animals, far away places and adventure books. This attitude brought me to choices marked by an adventurous spirit, my first job took me around the world most of the time, but my real dream was to reach those places by a beautiful sailing ship.

I was twenty when I begun sailing, my passion for the sea has been immediately very strong, from 2003 I work as professional skipper with commercial endorsement.

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I sailed almost all the Mediterranean Sea and I crossed the Atlantic Ocean.
What I can offer you is my passion for the sea with the most professionalism.


Riccardo Salimbeni : Phone +39 334.1526799 e-mail:

Spoken Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese.


Chef, hostess and skipper helper Giulia:

My passion for nature some years ago made me discover my real love for life on a sailboat.  When I am in the middle of the sea I feel sensations such as freedom and peace; that’s why I decided to change my lifestyle. The feeling of freedom contrasts the consciousness of respect for the rules that nature imposes us. This feeling makes me feel alive.

I grew up between sea, boats and mountains and I love animals and nature.

I am a person who loves to make part of groups and I normally spontaneously create pleasant situations. From my past experience I have learned how to organize the daily and weekly activities, I learned how to relate with various types of people and I understood the importance of making people feel well .

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My Cooking position consists in deciding the weekly grocery shopping all together with clients and afterwards creating the weekly menu(from breakfasts, to meals and snacks).

Thanks to my father’s passion for cooking that he transmitted me and thanks to my curiosity  to experiment always new recipes with fresh and healthy ingredients I have every day the desire to prepare you tasty dishes.

My hostess role aims to make you feel cuddled by me and by my attentions.

During the day I provide for the cleaning and order on board so that you fell comfortable and in harmony with the situation.

I have a sunny and active disposition as a matter of fact I often help Riccardo when sailing and mooring.


Giulia Visintin : Phone +39 348.5681943

Spoken Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Polish.



As a team we want to transform your holiday in an exclusive adventure aiming at your relax and pleasure.

We want to create homogeneous groups formed by adventurous people who want to enjoy and have fun together with people who chose this holiday like them.

A sailing holiday offers you the opportunity of seeing the sunrise from your own bed …

waking up and having a swim in fantastic bays between nature and life ….

enjoying amazing sunsets ….

enjoying the unique charm of sailing ….

discovering new countries ….

meeting dolphins and other sea creatures.

A sailing holiday makes you understand the real meaning of relaxing.

You can live these sensations on a sailboat and we want to share them with you!!!