Holiday on a sailing boat

A cruise on a sailing boat is a greener way to travel, the beats are marked by Nature and the engine is the wind, who decides when we will arrive and where we will go. A sailing holiday together with walking and cycling is a slower way to travel: the philosophy is not “how much we’ll see” but the “point of view we will live”. The Important is the journey in itself and not just the places we will visit. After a nice sail every place will look more beautiful, beside the same place reached by ferry will not look as stunning! Even better when we decide to sail in the most beautiful sea in Italy. Our goal is not to shuttle you from one island to another, it is rather to include you in a world made of sea, wind and wonderful lands, giving you the context for enriching yourself.


In our cruise, we offer single and cabin boarding or entire boat. 

In the case of single boarding you will have the unique opportunity to meet new people and you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to establish a true and deep conversation with a person who only yesterday was a stranger and instead could become a great friend or maybe something more…

A lot of new friendships were born on Venus!
In cabin boarding you’ll have a cabin to yourselves or to share with a friend or with a partner. If you hire the entire boat you’ll have the crew at your disposal.

The weekend on a sailboat is a fun and relaxing way to get off work for a while.

The weekly cruise instead could represent an alternative way to spend part of your holiday.
By offering cruises with crew we can guarantee you total relax, you will be in our home and we will take good care of you, also with excellent Mediterranean cuisine!

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Our proposals are suitable for everyone, singles, couples, families with children, groups and people of all ages. Although you do not need to be an expert of sailing, for those who want to learn and actively participate in the maneuvers we will be delighted to teach you everything we know, but if you want to enjoy a relaxing cruise you can just take a sun bath. The same goes for life below deck: if you want to participate in activities such as preparing meals and tidying up of common spaces, we will be happy to involve you, otherwise you can safely rely on the experienced hands of our cruise hostess .

For those who already have experience and are interested in deepening their knowledge, we offer transfers which in most cases are of the high seas non-stop.

We look forward to sharing with you an unforgettable cruise on a sailing boat.